Tandy 1000 EX

1000 EXThe Tandy 1000 series was an attempt to enter in the IBM compatible world. The 1000 EX was a PC-compatible school and home computer that runs 50 % faster than any other PC. The Intel 8088 microprocessor-based system runs most MS-DOS software. Features that helped the machine sell well on the market are classroom Network 4 network, price, DeskMate software, and telecommunication software. It was also possible to install other high resolution graphic cards for AutoCAD and drawing applications.

1000 EX
US$1,200 in US £935 in UK
Intel 8088 processor running at a frequency of 7.16 MHz in Turbo mode, and 4.77 MHz in normal mode.
16Kb ROM containing BIOS 256K bytes Ram expandable to 640Kb Ram
Light Gray slim case with internal double sided double density 5.25 disk drive. Later models included hard disk and 3.5 disk drive. The top panel could be removed for easy upgrade, such as memory cards, video cards etc. On right side of machine two joystick ports were included. The Keyboard is a standard 90 key, ASCII QWERTY keyboard also part of the case.
The graphics are being generated by a Tandy Video (IBM PCjr and CGA compatible) and can generate the following text and graphics mode:
ext Mode 80 x 25 with 2 colours monochrome. Graphic Mode 640 x 200 CGA with 4 colours. Maximum palette 16 colours. Additional cards were available from Tandy, which provided more resolution modes.
Texas Instruments SN76489 or NCR 8496 (PSG) capable of generating a good FM Sound.
1 x Parallel Port,
1 x Disk Drive connector,
1 x Composite Video,
1 x RGBI Connector,
1 x Headphone Connector,
2 x Joystick Connector,
3 x PLUS slots
Internal Power Supply with voltages of +12V, -12V, +5V, -5V.
Weight approx 4KG & dimensions 425 x 370 x 85 mm (W x L x H).
More than 3 Million units Worldwide.

The club currently owns 1 Tandy 1000 EX in perfect working condition. No manuals are available. The computer was used in a school to teach GWBasic.


Composite Video

Phono Jack
at the Computer

Pin Name Dir Desc
1 SIGNAL OUT Video Out
2 GND N/A Ground



3.5mm Jack Female
at the Computer

Pin Name Dir Desc
2 GND N/A Ground



9 Pin D-SUB Female
at the Computer

Pin Name Dir Desc
1 GND N/A Ground
2 GND N/A Ground
3 R OUT Red
4 G OUT Green
5 B OUT Blue
6 I OUT Intensity
7 VIDEO OUT Comp Video
8 HSYNC OUT Horizontal Sync
9 VSYNC OUT Vertical Sync