TD-1600The Tandata TD1600 series was one of the many viewdata terminals released by Tandata Marketing LTD. It has 16Kb ram for display but was also easily expandable through solder jumpers for saving created Prestel pages through a ZIF socket already installed on the motherboard. The core of the machine was the MR9735 which converts the data from the custom CPU to a composite or RGB display. On examining the design of the motherboard and pinout of the Custom CPU it seems that the CPU has its ROM built in, but on the motherboard there is an external ZIF socket connected directly to the CPU to expand machine to create pages in offline mode.

UK: £160
Custom CPU produced by Rockwell codenamed LEE-Z1. Apparently it has a built in ROM inside but not sure about this.
16Kbytes used only for display. Optional Ram could be added to save pages or creating pages prior to dial in to the prestel system to save money on telephone bill.
Dark Grey case with QWERTY keyboard not so comfortable to type in since buttons are relatively small to type with.
MR9735 Prestel/Teletext graphic chip.Teletext Mode 40 x 20 8 Colours with built in Graphic characters already
No sound complex sound just an internal beeper connected to internal modem which is used to monitor telephone line while connecting to Prestel network and beeps can be produced in different pitches.
1x Printer Port
1x TV out UHF Port
1x Composite Video Port
1x Keyboard/ Tape/ RS232 Port
1x Power Port
1x Telephone cable
External Power Supply with Voltages of +14V & +8V
Dimensions 300mm x 280mm x 70mm (W x L x H) Weight Approx 1.5Kg.
Around 30,000 units in the UK

The Club currently owns one TD1600 in perfect condition complete with box instructions and power supply. Since the manual included the pinout documentation was incorrect we had to check each port so the pinouts are not 100% especially the RS232/TTL/Tape port so further experimentation should be done.


Composite Video Port

Phono Plug Female

Pin Name Dir Desc
1 Video Signal OUT Pal 75 Ohms 0.5V Pk to Pk
2 GND N/A Ground


Power Port

4 pin Male DIN Connector

Pin Name Dir Desc
1 GND N/A Ground
2 +14V IN +14V power IN
3 N/C N/A No Conn
4 +8V IN +8V Power IN


Printer Port

20 Pin Male connector

Pin Name Dir Desc
1 /STRO IN Strobe active low
2 D0 LSB IN/ OUT Data BIT 0
3 D1 IN/ OUT Data BIT 1
4 D2 IN/ OUT Data BIT 2
5 D3 IN/ OUT Data BIT 3
6 D4 IN/ OUT Data BIT 4
7 D5 IN/ OUT Data BIT 5
8 D6 IN/ OUT Data BIT 6
9 D7 MSB IN/ OUT Data BIT 7
10 /ACK IN Acknow active low
11 GND N/A Ground
12 GND N/A Ground
13 GND N/A Ground
14 GND N/A Ground
15 GND N/A Ground
16 GND N/A Ground
17 GND N/A Ground
18 GND N/A Ground
19 GND N/A Ground
20 GND N/A Ground


RF Port

Phono Plug Female

Pin Name Dir Desc
1 UHF Signal OUT UHF TV 75 ohms ch36
2 GND N/A Ground



8 pin DIN 360 connector

Pin Name Dir Desc
1 +5V OUT +5V Power out
2 GND N/A Ground
3 BLUE OUT Blue Video
4 SYNC OUT Composite Sync
5 RED OUT Red Video
6 GREEN OUT Green Video
7 N/C N/A No Conn
8 AUDIO OUT OUT Audio out internal Spkr


RS232/ Keyboard/ Tape Port

6 pin Female DIN connector

Pin Name Dir Desc
1 GND N/A Ground
2 +5V OUT +5V 50mA Max
4 RS423 IN RS423 IN
5 TTL KYBRD IN TTL Keyboard Input
6 RS423 OUT RS423 OUT