Aquarius 1

Aquarius 1The Aquarius I was not very popular and wasn’t a hit at all. As a machine it had a very attractive case and style, but the keyboard is not easy to work with. The template keyboard was used for games and key shortcuts to facilitate program typing. The machine has only 4Kbytes of ram of which 1 Kbytes for character matrix, 1.3Kbyte for Colour matrix, 1.7Kbytes for user programs. The printer is connected to a normal 3.5MM stereo jack plug and uses a normal RS232C data out channel with CTS (clear to send). The CTS is used to check if the printer is switched on or if the printer is already in use. Mattel later released a Module to upgrade the machine, and a Disk Drive with CP/M software. The mini expander included additional memory, 2 sound channels and 2 joy pads, which had to be used for games. The Disk Drive uses a Module to communicate with the computer. It could be used with the mini expander for additional memory.

Internal Aquarius 1

Aquarius 1
Boxed: RH0502396
The machine was released with three different versions of CPU: Nec D780C(Z80 based) Hitachi HD64180 (Z80 based) and a Zilog Z80.. The machine runs on a frequency of 3.5Mhz
10 Kbytes ROM of which 8 Kbytes for Microsoft BASIC and 2 Kbytes character ROM. 4 Kbytes Ram of which 2.3 Kbytes for video and 1.7Kbytes for user programs.
Small and long plastic case with a beige colour. The keyboard area is black with rubber blue keys. The keyboard is a non-standard QWERTY keyboard. On top of the keyboard the area is elevated with long grills for ventilation.
The Aquarius can only display a single text mode of 40×24 and a colour palette of 16 colours. The characters are formed by an 8×8 matrix.
Single-channel beeped sound under CPU control.
1 x RF connector (Video & Audio),1 x Tape Recorder,1 x Printer connector,1 x Cartridge expansion port.
External power supply with an output voltage of +8.8VDC 1.2A, 16VDC 0.15A, and -19VDC 0.01A
Dimensions 340mm x 150mm x 45mm (W x L x H) Weight Approx 1.3Kg
Around 20,000 Units where sold which 8,000 in the US. This was due that four months later production ceased.

The club currently owns one Aquarius I boxed with 2 manuals, BASIC templates, Cassette lead, and RF cable. We also have a plotter and a Cassette deck complete in their respective boxes.The system is in good working condition.


Cassette Port

5 Pin Din 180 Female
at the Computer

Pin Name Dir Desc
1 EAR IN Data In (Load)
2 GND N/A Ground
3 MIC OUT Data Out (Save)
4 REMOTE IN Remote Motor
5 REMOTE N/A Remote Motor


Printer Port

35mm Jack Female
at the Computer

Pin Name Dir Desc
1 GND N/A Ground
2 DTR IN Data Terminal Ready
3 TxD OUT Transmit Data



Phono Jack
at the computer

Pin Name Dir Desc
2 GND N/A Ground