Casio PB-700

Although Casio produced calculators the company tried to venture in the world of computers. One of the most famous computer that Casio produced was the PB-700. It looks more like a calculator rather than a computer. Instead of a normal monitor it used an LCD, which makes it a real portable. Although it was shipped with only 4kb of memory(expandable to 64kb), you could do whatever a normal computer could do. It has also a docking station where you could print and save and load your programs on a micro cassette. When the computer is switched off the memory was retained with a backup battery. The only drawback was graphics. You could draw lines and polygons but not sophisticated graphics. This was not a problem since it was mainly used for business and not for games. Casio sold a number of expandable cartridges which you could upgrade it’s system rom. This system was primary sold in Europe especially in France, but the price was to high for the general public.


US$530 including FA-10 docking station.
Casio Custom CPU @ 1 Mhz
4 KB expandable up to 64 KB
Calculator size and shape, with full QWERTY keyboard style and numeric keypad.
LCD Display. Text is rendered at 20 x 4 Monochrome and 160 x 32 graphic mode also Monochrome.
Simple beeper with low & high pitch controllable through Basic.
1 x Expansion Bus for docking station. FA-10
1x Ear,
1 x Mic
1 x Remote Tape Control.
6V .1W Battery operated with 4 AA and 3V Lithium Battery for Ram backup
Dimensions 200mm x 88mm x 23mm (W x L x H). Weight approx 315g including batteries.
Around 15,000 Units

The club currently ownes one Casio PB-700 with docking station, manuals, cassettes, printer paper(original), and plotter pens. Everything is in very good condition. This was my second computer, and was bought by my uncle as a backup portable computer for his company.


3.5mm Jack Female
at the Computer

Pin Name Dir Desc
2 GND N/A Ground



3.5mm Jack Female
at the Computer

Pin Name Dir Desc
2 GND N/A Ground



2.5mm Jack Female
at the Computer

Pin Name Dir Desc
1 SIGNAL IN Remote
2 GND N/A Ground