Welcome to our website, as all other organizations, we have our strong and weak points. As we try our best to improve, we follow 10 fundamental points to offer the best service to the public. So let us brief you with this slideshow. We offer unique experience to the public, where visitors can try out the computers and Video Games. Exhibitions Dedicated people who's primary aim is not profit but, preserving the technology for future generations. Passion Restoring computers is our job, and we try to restore the equipment as authentic as possible. Preservation Any equipment received as donation will not be sold as we preserve, technology and not make profit from it. Loyalty With more than 600 machines, and 100's of peripherals books, software and test equipment, we can state that we are the biggest club on the Island. Not to mention the oldest one. Collection We offer a vast selection of Training lessons, both for students and adults. Training consists from latest Robotics skills to restoring old computers. Education With a vast range of original Operating Systems, we can test any machine available, and fix issues easily. Software We mix Vintage with new technology to help students understand better today's technology. As a matter of fact we take care, the university heritage room. Unique Dedicated workshop equipment for both lessons and Loyal registered members. We offer a repair service to our helpers and supporters, and a paid service to premium registered members. Technology Although we like old technology, we also like new technology. As a matter of fact we use Facebook, twitter, Youtube and Designed a hot website. All these social media are maintained by us to be aware of what's happening around us. Social Identity

We like Vintage

The club was founded in 1998 with the aim to preserve the history of computers and share information with the public. The idea started when our founder had a school project, in build his own minicomputer. After publishing an announcement on the school magazine, students donated their old computers. At the end of the project he had more than 30 computers and did not want to dispose of them, so he started collecting these computers.

Currently the club is located in Attard where we meet up every Sunday and open for the public. our aim is to open a technology museum but the current space is limited and only a partial part of our computer collection is displayed. The aim of the museum is to help future generations understand more how technology became part of our daily life, and most important what type of technology we had. On our site one can find most of the information he/she needs for his project or research. We offer many services such as robotics and repair courses which can help anyone achieve a better understanding of both yesterdays and today’s technology.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to preserve computer technology, share information and open a computer museum in Malta, which would offer information to the general public regarding vintage computers. The museum would offer students a key-place where to get information needed in order to understand better the computer's world.

About Us

Vintage Computer Club Malta


As our mission statement states, we preserve today’s technology for future generations. We are not nostalgic as most people think, but more to preserve our past identity in design, style and innovation of that particular era or decade. This will help future generations to study and identify the style the creator or designer used at that time and evolve other ideas from them.


These are our specialties

We do our best to repair or restore computers or video games as close as possible to their original state. We don’t use chemicals that can damage the machine especially retrobright as those methods work for a few months which eventually you are damaging the case equipment and gets worse over time. Instead we clean the equipment as possible inside/out and make sure that is functional and close as when it went out of production.
Exhibitions & Activities
Our club is located in Attard and offers a permanent exhibition for both visitors and members. During the year we take part in various IT activities and offer Vintage equipment to TV shows and filming. We also organize Heritage rooms in schools where students can visit during their scholastic year. Currently we have a permanent Heritage Room at the University of Malta where events are being held for students visiting the University.
During summer and holiday periods the club organizes courses and activities both for youngsters and grown ups. The Courses offered are in the field of Robotics, Programming, Repairing and restoring of computers. All courses are presented by qualified Teachers and experienced lecturers.


Few words from our founder

“I would like to create a place where students can explore and study old technology to inspire new designs. As I always say our past is our today’s identity and our inspiration for the future.”

Maurizio Banavage


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Our Slogan

The Vintage Computer Club Malta

The place where vintage computers come to life.

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