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Sinclair interest builds up

Sinclair has now admitted that interest from cheques cashed for unfulfilled QL micro orders will "ultimately accrue to the company"Over 9,000 waiting customers have now been told that they will not receive their QL computers until the end of April. Those who have placed more recent orders have been told not to expect delivery before the end of May.

Around half of the orders placed have been accompanied by cheques which have now been cashed. Credit cards orders cannot be encashed until the goods are delivered by the end of April, Sinclair will have had control of around 1.8m Stg of customers money in a 'readers Trust Account' for over two months earning the company some 32,000 stg in interest. A spokesman said "Everyone whose money is in that Readers Trust Account is fully aware of the situation and has been given a full option to cancel their order" PCWs QL order week six no sign of our QL. Its now two weeks since the 28-day mail order deadline. Our cheque was cashed two weeks ago, from which Sinclair shoud have gained around 1.45 Stg in Interest.


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