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Timex pulls out of the US Market

Timex is to withdraw from the us home computer market. its computer division is to be dismantled and it will cease selling its range of computers. Timex thus becomes the third major computer manufacturer to fail victim to the vicious us home computer price-war, following Texas instruments and Mattel. A spokeswoman for Sinclair commented "The Home computer marketplace is still very shacky over there"

The News is not just a blow to Sinclair, but also a set-back for the many British Software houses preparing to sell 2068 versons of their Spectrum Material in the US.Mark Eyles, speaking on behalf of Quicksilva which launched its American Subsidary less than two months ago said, "obviously it will affect us, but when we set up our US company we were very careful not to rely on a single machine - we have a very respectable range of Commodore 64 software on sale out there as well in our Spectrum Material."


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