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Sinclair interest builds up

Sinclair has now admitted that interest from cheques cashed for unfulfilled QL micro orders will "ultimately accrue to the company". More...

Acorn centre in Silicon Valley

Acorn has announced it has set up an advanced research cenre in silicon valley in the us. More...

It's a mugs game

Melbourne house next adventure game is mugsy which will be released before Sherlock Holmes. Mugsy is set in a Chandleresque world of gangsters. More...

Timex pulls out of the US Market

Timex is to withdraw from the us home computer market. its computer division is to be dismantled and it will cease selling its range of computers. More...

The club was founded in 1998 with the aim to preserve the history of computers and share information with the public. The idea started when our founder had a school project, and he was looking for old computers to build his own minicomputer. He published an announcement on the school magazine and students donated their old computers. At the end of the project he had more than 30 computers and did not want to throw away these computers, so he started collecting them.

Currently the club is in Attard where we meet up every Sunday and open for the public. our aim is to open a technology museum but the current space is limited and only a partial part of our computer collection is displayed. The aim of the museum is to help future generations understand more how technology became part of our daily life, and most important what type of technology we had. On our site one can find most of the information he/she needs for his project or research.

Our mission is to preserve computer technology, share information and open a computer museum in Malta, which would offer information to the general public regarding vintage computers. The museum would offer students a key-place where to get information needed in order to understand better the computer's world.


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Learn how to restore vintage computers to their original state.



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